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Members only: If you would to share some space on your boat with another member or if you want to volunteer for someone's trip, fill out the guest book form and describe your need in the 'Message' section.

Be sure to include your phone number (and email) in the 'Message' body as the email from the 'form' will NOT be visible to the reader of your message.

Since this page is password protected, the general public will not see your email nor telephone number. Messages will be removed from this page by the webmaster when they expire.
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Tom Clark said:   August 29, 2015 8:39 am PST
Hi guys, I've been fishing for over 60 years and have had boats from 12 ft. to 30 ft. This is probably the first time in all that time I do not own a boat except for my two 14 ft kayaks (I do fish out of one of them in the Myakka and the intercostal.)I moved to the area 6 months ago from New Jersey and would love to share expenses on someone's boat if they are looking for a good fishing partner. I really enjoy all kinds of fishing, especially bottom fishing for grouper on the wrecks and reefs. I have fished on the Reef Raider several times and have enjoyed that but going out with 2 to 4 people is really more fun. If you want to have company on your boat with an experienced sober fisherman and boater let me know. I'm available almost any day. Tom

Sam Stanchak said:   August 14, 2015 10:22 am PST
Hi, It was mentioned at the meeting last night that there are some of us that like to hit the piers and beaches to fish. I dont have a boat(yet) having just moved from PA to the salt water.So putting it out there that if you want to meet on the beach or bridge some time, give me a call at (724) 456-4394.

Skip Miller said:   July 27, 2015 5:12 am PST
I am a kayak fisherman but would occasionally accompany someone on their boat. If you want company on one of your bay/gulf fishing trips, please email me or phone at 941-474-4009

Jim Baker said:   July 17, 2015 7:33 am PST
I recently moved to SW Florida from Fort Lauderdale and have a 20' ProKat that is on a trailer. If you know of anyone who has a boat lift near the Intracoastal waterway that they would like to rent, please reply in kind. I'm getting to old to put it in and out of the water. Also, I am looking for someone to help me get my feet wet in fishing the harbor and the Gulf. My phone is: 941-621-4023 and my e-mail is rekabjim@bellsouth.net

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