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Members only: If you would to share some space on your boat with another member or if you want to volunteer for someone's trip, fill out the guest book form and describe your need in the 'Message' section.

Be sure to include your phone number (and email) in the 'Message' body as the email from the 'form' will NOT be visible to the reader of your message.

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Matt Syrek said:   September 28, 2015 7:42 am PST
I"m a life long saltwater fishing guy & 10 year center console boat owner in NJ(Barnegat Lt) . I'm now without a boat in Florida. Would love to fish inshore or offshore with any member with a boat. I know the cost of running a boat so am glad to pay for the fuel, ice and bait needed for a trip. I'm free to fish any day but Mon& Friday and welcome any opportunity to do so.

Jim De Boer said:   September 14, 2015 11:57 am PST
Would like to go out into the gulf grouper fishing ...I have a 14ft alum boat that I have fished with in Lemon bay but never been off shore. my email is jimbondeb82@yahoo.com and my phone number is 269-425-4121..thanks jim

Bob La Barbera said:   September 9, 2015 12:47 pm PST
Fishing Report Wednesday 9/9/15 Today I made a trip off shore with three club members .Steve Gambaro who I fished with before and also Dave Anastasia and Tom Clark .Both were first time off shore Fisherman . With calm seas we made it out to about 23 miles to 90 ft. of water. Putting up with hot weather and almost no wind we did end up having a good day. Catch of the day was 4 large Red Grouper, 12 Lane snappers up to 18 " and 3 Mangrove snappers up to 17".It was a great day shared with a great group of guys. What more could one ask for. Plus snapper on the grill for dinner.

Robert La barbera said:   September 1, 2015 10:31 am PST
Hello Club Members Been a resident of Florida for 26 years and love to get off shore fishing. I have a 26ft boat with twin engines .It�s old and so am I but we both get the job done. I would like to invite club members to get off shore and do some bottom fishing. If you don�t have a boat and never been fishing for grouper here in the gulf you are than welcome to come aboard. I like going out with guys that never caught a grouper before. Besides grouper there are snappers, porgies, sharks and things that I don�t think have names. The weather determines when and where I will be going out. It looks like after Sunday Sept. 6th. we will have a brake in the weather and most likely be going out during that week. Email me at flabob1@hotmail.com and I will put you on the list. First come first to fish. I could take up to 3 men. The trip out will be anywhere from 10 mile to 20 miles out again depending on the weather and wind. Tackle needed would be a good bottom rod for grouper and a medium spinning rod for snappers. Let me know if you need tackle. Bring lunch and drinks and don�t forget a hat and sun block . I should have bait and we sometimes stop on the way out to catch pin fish . The cost for gas will be divided up and usual runs $20 to $40. Time and place to meet will be arranged later. Looking forward to meeting club members . Bob ( flabob )

Tom Clark said:   August 29, 2015 10:39 am PST
It's me again. I just realized I didn't leave my phone number 609-477-2485 Tom

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