Englewood Fishing Club
  It's more than fishing ... it's a way of life.

Sebastian Inlet Outing

Sebastian Inlet State Park outing: Sept 13-20, 2015.  
  • Reservations: Make your motel reservations and party boat reservations early if you plan to go. 
  • Tuesday: Dinner together at Squid Lips Restaurant
  • Wednesday:  Party boat event (Party boat: Ft. Pierce Lady 888-523-9788, Ft. Pierce Inlet)
  • Thursday: fishing where you want
  • Friday: Fishing Derby on the pier.  Cookout at the park in the evening.

Note: Dick Kern is our coordinator and would like to know who is going.  He will have a form at the August, 2015 meeting or you can email him at jackpotgator@aol.com. He wants to know who is going, your cell phone number, where you are staying, what days you will be there and what events you will be participating in.  Remember, you can be there as many days as you want.

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