Englewood Fishing Club, Inc.
  It's more than fishing ... it's a way of life.


Trophy Photos- Every now and then our members catch a  fish they are really proud of. The details of the catch, if any, will be in the file name. If you would like your photos (member and family) added Send them to webmaster@englewoodfishingclub.net . Include anglers name, species, date caught. body of water.

  Trophy Photos

Event Photos-
the following photos were taken at the listed events.


   1-14-16 Meeting


   Christmas party, 12-8-15

Fall Picnic 10-24-15

Fish Cooking Demo, 10-8-15

Sebastian Inlet, 9-12 to 9-18-15

Red Fish Derby 5-19-15

Big Brothers / Big Sisters 4-25-15

Spring Derby Tournament 4-18-15

Don Pedro Picnic 3-21-15


   Don Pedro Picnic 3-22-14

Big Brothers / Big Sisters 4-26-14

Pioneer Days 9-30-14

Fall Picnic 10-15-14


Don Pedro Picnic 2013

Red Fish Derby 9-15-12

Don Pedro Picnic 3-24-12
  Red Fish Derby 4-19-12

Big Brothers / Big Sisters 4-21-12 

Grouper & Mackerel-Derby 5-19-12

    El Cheapo Sheepo, 2-12-11  
Don Pedro Picnic 3-26-11
Big Brothers / Big Sisters 4-9-11

Spring Tournament/Picnic  4-2-11, 4-2-16

Fall Tournament/ Picnic 10-22-11

Christmas Party  12-6-11


    Big Brothers Big Sisters

    Christmas Party    

    Don Pedro Picnic
     Spring Picnic
    Pioneer Days Labor Day Boatrace

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