It's more than fishing ... it's a way of life.

         Englewood Fishing Club 

           Monthly News letter

    Rotonda West Community Center

               646 Rotonda Circle

            Rotonda West, 33947 _______________________________ Next Meeting Date: December 13,2018 

Program: Fishin Frank will educate and entertain us with a discussion about choosing and using lures for fresh and salt water fishing.

Upcoming Events A wonderful evening at the Hills Restaurant, 100 Rotonda Circle. Reservations must be submitted to Bill Bennett by November 30th . The cocktail hour will begin at 5:30 and dinner served at 6:30. Lots of fun and prizes with gifts for all. Grand Prize will be a chartered fishing trip!

 Please bring an unwrapped toy for the Toys For Tots collection at the party. Cash donations are accepted but please, no stuffed toys. Toys should be appropriate for kids 0 -12 years.

 ENGLEWOOD FISHING CLUB NEWSLETTER VERY IMPORTANT If you will not be attending the Christmas party please contribute a toy or money to Toys For Tots at the at the December 13th meeting.

 Fishing Tournaments: There are no events scheduled for December but look for the January Newsletter because new fishing programs are being developed for 2019.

       November Fishing Results:

Division Winners Off Shore:

First - Vlad Grodecki 17 Points


Second - Sam Stanchak 5 Points

In Shore:

First - Bill Bennett 9 Points

Second – Steve Daniel 6 Points

Third – Joe Sheaffer 2 Points

On Shore:

First – Bill Crooks 6 Points

 HELPING HANDS NEEDS OUR SUPPORT! We Englewood Fishing Club members are much more fortunate than so many of our neighbors. Children, parents, and grandparents are all in need here in our community. Helping Hands needs non-perishable food items, soaps and shampoos, household paper goods, detergents, cleaners, and the other things we all take for granted. Please be generous in your ENGLEWOOD FISHING CLUB NEWSLETTER donations at our monthly meetings, especially at this holiday time

           Englewood Fishing Club

     Rotonda West Community Center

646 Rotonda Circle

Rotonda West, 33947


       Next Meeting Date:

       NOVEMBER 8, 2018

Program: Capt. Dave Stephens of Back Bay

        Extremes will speak          aboutalternative areas

         of Charlotte Harbor.

Upcoming Events:

November BBQ will be held on Monday, Nov.12th at the

Rotonda West Community Center. Chicken, ribs, burgers

and hots dogs will be provided with side dishes by our

members. Food will be served at noon.

Fishing Tournaments:

November 11 – 14 open species for fish on the Club’s list.

Snook MAY NOT be submitted for this contest. The photo and measure system applies. Email your entries to

Snook Only Catch and Release contest will continue until

November 29th. Entries must be submitted no later than

12:01 AM on 11/29/18. Send to

Fish caught from a charter vessel are not permitted. This event is separate from and in addition to the monthly contest.

FISHING RESULTS:  Division Winners

In Shore:   1.  Joe Schaeffer   9 Points

                2.  Maren Thompson 4 Points

                3. Jim Thompson   4 Points

On Shore:  1. Bill Crooks        6 Points

Ladies:          Kerrie Schaeffer

CHRISTMAS PARTY  On December 6th at 5:30 PM we will

hold our annual Christmas party at the Hills Restaurant.

Make your reservations with Bill Bennett by Nov. 30th

for seating choices and meal selections (reservation forms will be available at the November meeting). The cost remains $30 per guest. The grand prize drawing is for a chartered fishing trip. Everyone attending will receive a gift. It’s a great evening so plan to be there!

Please contribute an unwrapped toy to the Toys for Tots collection at the party.

PLEASE HELP!  You’re all aware the Club supports HELPING HANDS, the Englewood based community support organization. You may not realize that the food bank also needs contributions of kitchen and laundry detergents, bathroom cleaners, paper toweling and toilet paper. The need in our community is very real and urgent

The monthly collections are a wonderful opportunity to

assist our neighbors who are struggling.

              PLEASE BE GENEROUS



Nominations and election of the Board of Directors will take place during the December 13th meeting. Please consider serving on the Board or nominating a member who, in your view, would be an asset to the Club.

Englewood Fishing Club Newsletter

                                        646 Rotonda Circle,

                                       Rotonda West, 33947


Next Meeting Date: SEPTEMBER 13, 2018

Program: Capt. Mike Myers of Reel Shark Charters will speak about redfish and other inshore species.

Upcoming Events:

Fishing Tournaments:

Open Species multi-day events will

be held as follows: Sept.15-18, Oct.13-16, and Nov.11-14

only for fish species appearing on the Club’s list. SNOOK

MAY NOT BE ENTERED for any of the above three monthly events. The photo and measurement system with photos emailed to Sam Stanchak ( will apply.

Snook Only catch and release event will be held from September 1st through November 29th. Photos and measurements must be submitted to Stan Stanchak by

12:01 AM on November 29th. Prizes will be awarded for the largest snook in onshore, inshore, and off shore cat-

egories. Snook caught from charter vessels are not permitted. THIS SNOOK CONTEST IS IN ADDITION TO AND SEPARATE FROM THE 3 OPEN SPECIES MONTHLY EVENTS.

November 10th Fall Picnic will be held at the Rotonda West Community Center, 646 Rotonda Circle. The menu will include chicken, ribs, hot dogs and hamburgers with side dishes prepared by the members. Starting time will

be 11:00 with the meal served at noon.

Christmas Party entree menu for the December 6th gathering at the Hills Restaurant will include prime rib of beef, chicken marsala, and shrimp scampi with carrot cake and cheese cake as desert choices. Further details will follow in the upcoming newsletters.

62nd Englewood Pioneer Days:

Cardboard Boat Races will be held on Saturday, Sept. 1st beginning at 8:00AM at the Ann Dever Park on San Casa Drive. Please turn out to cheer on our intrepid paddlers powering the Club’s vessel in it’s eleventh season.

Annual Parade on Dearborn St. on Monday, Sept.3rd will feature the Club’s float. Support the Club and have a great time!

Youth Fishing Program has been retitled in honor of our former long term president, George Fox who recently

passed away. Under his guidance the program expanded to become a year round event to introduce children to the joys of fishing. Henceforth, it will be known as the

George Fox Honorary Fishing Award.

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