Fishing Derby 2013

  It's more than fishing ... it's a way of life.

Fishing Derby 2013



In prior years the Club has run a combination of boat and beach fishing trips and tournaments. Starting March 2012 we initiated a new format that combines more friendly and competitive fishing as well as socializing. It's called the Englewood Fishing Club Derby, and it is being repeated in 2013.  It's major features are summarized as follows:

There will be a series of  9 regularly scheduled fishing trips/dates throughout the year with 16 eligible species. There will also be a “targeted species”  or "open species" for each date. Fish may be caught from boat or shore, but must meet all FWC rules and requirements. A point system will award points for each eligible species and for the “targeted species“ entered.  A monthly winner will be established based on the points awarded, and an annual prize will also be awarded to the member with the highest aggregate point total.

Most, if not all, trips will be followed by lunch at a waterside eatery. Participants and guests may attend the lunch, and the lunch is at the participants expense. Monthly winners will be announced at the General Meeting following the trip, and annual winners will be announced at the December meeting.


  MONTHLY DERBY Dates in 2013

Tuesday January 15 - Target Species Trout
  Fred Cook....5 pts.
2nd Plasce:    Bill Crooks....3 pts.
3rd Place:    Gordon Roman....2 pts.

Saturday February  23  Target Species Sheepshead
WINNER: Rick Stafford....5 pts.
2nd Place: Larry Richards....3 pts.
3rd Place:  John Perry....2 pts.

Saturday March 23 Targeted species Whiting
  None as no whiting entered.
Other points awarded to Fred Cook, David Webster & Gordon Roman

Thursday April 18 "OPEN" DERBY"
Cappy La Barbera....5 points
2nd Place: Bob La Barbera...2 points
3rd place tie...2 points....
Dot Kern, Dick Kern, Tom Warner, George Fox
Other entrants " on the board" with 1 point....Bill Bennet, Jim Thompson, Bill Crooks & Fred Cook.

Saturday May 11 Grouper/Mackerel Derby
Fred Cook....6  Points
2nd Place: Gordon Roman.... 3 points
3rd Place: Bill Crooks....2 points
4th  Place Cappy LaBarbera....1 point

Tuesday June 18 Redfish Derby
Winner: Barbara Ammatucci....5 points
2nd Place Tie: Gordon Roman & Tom Warner....3 points
3rd Place Tie:
Tom Ammatucci, Fred Cook and Karen Cook...1 point each.

July & August NO Derbies

Tuesday September 17 Redfish Derby
Winner:  Gordon Roman.....6 points
2nd place - 3 way tie:  Diana Roman, George Fox & Jim Thompson
1 eligible species & 1 point each
Special Snook Derby winner Fred Cook.....3 points

Saturday October 19 Grouper/Mackerel Derby
Winner: Cappy La Barbera....5 points
2nd place - 2 way tie: Barbara Ammatucci & Bill Crooks
2 eligible species & 2 points
No eligible snook entered.

Tuesday November 19  "OPEN"  Derby
Winner: Gordon Roman...9 points
Spanish Mackerel + ladyfish 44.5 " plus 4 eligible species 
2nd place - Cappy La Barbera...King Mackerel 37.5"
4 other members entered eligible species
No eligible Snook entered

December  - NO Derby

Thursday December 12 Annual Awards
at regular monthly  meeting.

OVERALL 2013 STANDING as of November 20. 2013

1st Place  Gordon Roman....26 points
2nd Place  Fred Cook....20 points
3rd Place  Cappy  LaBarbera....13 points
4th Place Bill Crooks....9 points
5th Place Tie:  Barbera Ammatucci.....7 points 
19 Other entrants, with the following points:
Tom Warner & Jim Thompsion - 6 points. Rick Stafford - 5 points.   George Fox - 4 points.  Larry Richards & Tom AmmatuccI & Bob La Barbera -3 points.  Dot & Dick Kern,  John Perry - 2 points each. Bill Bennet, Karen Cook, Joe Friess, David Webster, Diana Roman Jim Robinson, Tom Kklimczak & David Fobear & Jim Pollock  - 1 point each.

The Fishing Committee will meet regularly throughout the Derby to evaluate it and  may make some rule changes, and will establish final future trip dates and rules. Comments and suggestions from the Members are welcomed and encouraged.


1. Only club members may participate, BUT must register on the sign-up sheet for the appropriate derby date.  For the  purpose of the "derbies" a member is those people in good standing (paid) and family members up to and including 18 years of age that reside with the paid member.

2. Eligible Species: Amberjack, Black Drum, Black Sea Bass, Bluefish, Cobia, Flounder, Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel, any legal Grouper, any legal Snapper, Pompano, Redfish, Sheepshead, Speckled Trout, Whiting (min. 9” pinched), Ladyfish (min. 15” pinched).  Note:  Mackerel and  Grouper species count as single species for measurement purposes.  ( Only 1 mackerel and 1 grouper species can be weighed in.) 

3. All fish must be landed in accordance with FWC fishing regulations, and will be measured by length, not weight. Tie breaker will be the earliest fish measured in.

4. Participants may fish from boats or shore, and compete as individuals not teams. As in the past, every effort will be made to join members that do not own boats with those that do, but this cannot be guaranteed. Anglers fishing together on a boat may only enter their own fish (comingling is not permitted).

5. The “official” time and place for monthly entries will be announced when the monthly sign-up sheets are distributed. Each month an angler may enter a maximum of 4 fish, and each must be a different species.

6. Points System:  Monthly winner gets 5 points to the angler with the biggest (longest)  legal fish of that month’s “targeted species”.  When multiple species are targeted in a month ( i.e. Grouper/Mackerel)  the monthly winner is determined by the total length (inches) of all the targeted species entered. 1 point is also awarded to all anglers for each legal “eligible” fish entered  up to 4 points.  When "Grouper/Mackerel" are the targeted species or just an "entered species", only 1 of each of the various sub species may be entered (1 type of grouper and 1 type of mackerel).   

Redfish is the “targeted species.  

     Angler A
catches/measures the biggest Redfish, but no other species and gets 5 points.     
     Angler B catches/measurers a redfish ( but not the biggest), trout and Sheepshead and gets 3 points..     
     Angler C catches/measures a trout, ladyfish, flounder and Spanish mackerel (but no redfish) and gets 4 points.

7.  Special "Open"  Derby - Rules & Points.  All rules #1-#5 apply, however the following replaces Rule # 6 for only this type of derby.

Participants may still enter a maximum of 4 total legal fish from the entire list of eligible species and will receive 1 point for each fish entered.  The "Open Winner" will be determined by the total aggregate length of the longest 2 fish entered and will also receive 5 points as the "winner" of the "open"..  Example:

       Angler D catches/measures a trout, ladyfish, redfish and flounder and therefore receives  4 points.   The ladyfish and redfish combined total length is 43 inches and win the  "Open Derby", so the angler also receives 5 points.  Total 9 points received. 

8. Special Bonus Species - SNOOK for Tuesday September 2013 Redfish Derby.  3 BONUS POINTS.  
Snook is a "Special Species"  for this derby. EACH angler  that catches/measures a legal (28" - 33") snook will receive 3 Bonus Points.  The  snook cannot be used towards determining the monthly winner but the  3 Bonus Ponts count towards the year end award.

Example:      Angler X catches only one keeper fish, the largest redfish (target species) and therefore receives 5 ponts as the monthly derby winner.

                    Angler Y catches a keeper redfish (targeted species,  but not the largest), plus a trout and a mackerel and therefore gets 3 points.  He also catches a keeper Bonus snook and gets 3 points, for a total of 6 points. HE DOES NOT WIN the monthly derby, but does get 6 points towards the year end prize.

 9. Monthly winners will be announced each month as will the “current“ status of the annual derby. Annual winners will be announced at the December meeting.


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