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                2019 OPEN PHOTO FISHING

                      TOURNAMENT RULES
The tournament angler and chairperson shall abide by all fishing rules and State / Federal guide lines for fishing in our area. 

1. The intent of the rules is to provide every angler the opportunity to place their catch in competition with all other anglers.  This club is proud of the honesty, integrity, and cooperation of our members.

2. Submission of fish to be scored:

1. The tournament anglers and chairperson shall abide by all club fishing rules and State/ Federal guidelines for fishing in our area. 

2. SEND your fish pic to or text him at 724- 456-4394

3. COPY the Englewood fish club in your


  4.  Title your emailwith the species of fish, size and division (in-shore, off-shore, on-shore)

5. SEND one fish photo per email. Do not send multiple fish photos in the same email.

6. Wait for a return response that says your fish was scored.

3. The tournament shall consist of four (4) Divisions (on-shore, in-shore and off-shore) with prize awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. in the open division.

1. The open divisions are 1, on-shore 2, in- shore 3, off-shore 4, Top Woman angler.

2. Women's division has only prize.

   ON SHORE: The angler shall only enter fish caught while fishing from land, bridge, pier, dock or other non-boat fishing platform.  No boat is be used in any way.

IN SHORE: The angler shall only enter fish caught from a boat or kayak or fishing in an area accessed by boat only. Fishing in this  division is considered anywhere other than from ONSHORE or in the OFFSHORE gulf of Mexico waters. Fishing in the pass to the gulf is considered a legal catch for this division. Only fish caught from a private boat count (NO Charters).

Special note: Definition of offshore / inshore 

Shall be as recognized on all coastal charts as the line of "Demarcation". This imaginary line
  crosses all inlets and passes on the Gulf of Mexico. Once you have crossed that line heading you have gone from inshore yo off shore.  

3. WOMEN'S: A woman can enter into more one division but only can win in one division.

4. ANGLERS can enter fish in more than one division but eligible to win an awarded in only one division.

5. Anglers using a boat may NOT enter fish in the ONSHORE category even if caught when fishing from land, dock, pier or bridge. An example would be Don Pedro or Cayo Costa,these fish must be entered into the inshore category.  

6. Any Englewood Fishing club Species list fish can be entered regardless of size and are to be measured by total length or to the fork as
outlined by the FWC regulations.   

7. Fish must be on the Englewood Species list to be entered as a "legal" fish for the tournament.

8. this tournament encourages catch and release This means out of season fish (snook, grouper, snapper and amberjack) may be measured and entered but must be released immediately.

9. The winners of the tournament will be determined by a point system.

  1. Each angler may measure any fish on the approved species list, regardless of season.  However, only one (1) fish per species will be scored per angler
    1. Example: You can enter multiple fish, on different days, of the same species, but only the longest one of all your entries will count for points.  
   2. Points awarded to the three longest fish of each species in each division Enter as many species  as you can!

    3. In each division, the longest fish of each species is assigned 3 points, the next largest  2 points  and the third 1 point. 

    4. In each division, the angler with the MOST points from all species earns first place, the angler with the second highest points earns second place and the angler with the third highest points earns third place.

Species LENGTH Tiebreaker: In the event there is a tie, then the anglers both receive the same  points for their fish. 

Example:  If two anglers tie for first with 30- inch redfish, they each get three points.  The next place finishers DO  NOT move down in position, so in this example, there are second and third place points

5. Divisional POINTS Tiebreaker:

After all fish are entered in and scored if there is a tie in the total number of points for the division and in order to determine a divisional   winner for the $$$, “ the angler that has entered in the longest fish of any species shall be declared the winner of that division and the next place finishers will each move down a position

Each Division except the women's  division will  have three winners based on cumulative total points.

Top Female Angler award will be given for the longest fish entered by a woman.

6. How to win: Catch fish, in as many species as       possible and enter those fish in the Tournament.



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