About Us / Membership

  It's more than fishing ... it's a way of life.

About Us / Membership

The Englewood Fishing Club, Inc. was started in April, 2004 by a small group of recreational fishermen who just wanted to meet, talk and socialize with other fishermen and help conserve the marine environment for the future.  We are now an ongoing sport fishing and social organization with a membership of over 150 fishing enthusiasts.  The membership consists of a mixture of full time and part time residents and their families who fish from the shore and boats from the back bays to the gulf.   

We hold monthly General Membership meetings year round that feature a variety of fishing related topics: fishing clinics, seminars by local guides, boat and engine care, and government agency presentations.  We also have numerous other activities throughout the year,  tournaments, picnics and Bar-B-Ques, a Christmas Party and  volunteer events.  

This website is a work in progress and is intended to help our members and others realize the goals of The Englewood Fishing Club, Inc.


Membership in the ENGLEWOOD FISHING CLUB, INC. is open to individuals and families at an annual fee of $50.00.  Membership is for a calendar year. You may join at our monthly meeting.


Board of Directors & Officers  The Board of Directors & Officers generally holds meetings monthly following the  General Membership Meeting.  Meetings are open to the membership, and if you would like to attend just contact any Director for exact times and places.

President: Jim Thompson, 941-456-3684
Vice President: Bill Bennett 941-697-9796
Treasurer: Cappy LaBarbera 914-557-2641
Secretary:  Gayle Walsh, 941-539-5003
                   Jim Maloney, 941-918-1299

                    Steve Daniel, 863-272-8148
                     Dick Kern, 941-473-8577
                     Dave Richardson, 404-944-9172
Programs:    Stu Karpy

Directors:  Directors are elected every 2 years
on even numbered years, and Directors elect
the Officers. For details see the link above for
“EFC By Laws"  Articles  IV and VII.

Club Committees:

Budget Cte:  Chairman Cappy LaBarbera.  All Board Members
Events & Meetings Cte: Chairman Dick Kern. Bob Nordstrom

Fishing Cte:
 Chairman Bill Bennett Tom Amatucci, Tom Warner, Bob Nordstrom, Cappy LaBarbera, Dick Kern, Fred Cook

Membership Cte:  Chairman, Gayle Walsh Hugh Laubis, Ken Gordon

Communications Cte: Chairman Jim Maloney, Tom Ammatucci 

Social Cte: Chairman Dave Richardson, Tom Warner

Guest Speaker Cte: Chairman Stu Karpy, Bill Reisen

Special Committees: 
   Pioneer Days: Dick Kern
   Big Brothers Big Sisters: Bob Nordstrom
   Helping Hands :
   Christmas Party: Bill Bennett Chairman, Dick Kern, Tom                 Amatucci, Cappy LaBarbera 

 Cappy LaBarbera

Elections Cte: Chairman Bob Nordstrom

Conservation Cte:

50/50 Cte: Dottie Kern

BOD Meeting Secretary: Jim Maloney

Club Functions & Processes: Board Members

By-Laws Cte : Jim Thompson

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