2015 Meeting Speakers

  It's more than fishing ... it's a way of life.

2015 Meeting Speakers

2015-12-10 Where are the Fish? Will they be there for your Grandchildren?
John Halversen Halvor1234@earthlink.net

2015-11-12 Kayak & Shallow Water Fishing Tactics
John "JD" Donohue Hobie Kayak Pro Staff www.kayakfishingblog.com - 941-586-5085

2015-10-08 Cooking and Preparing Fish
Tim Cash, Executive Chef  for the Beyond The Sea restaurant in Englewood , Fl, led a seminar on how to prepare and cook fish.

2015-09-10 EFC Member Presentations

John Halverson, Fishing Conservation, halvor1234@earthlink.net
Bob Labarbara, Off Shore Fishing and Releasing Fish Safely, flabob1@hotmail.com
Dick Kern, Sebastian Inlet State Park and Fishing Techniques , jackpotgator@aol.com

2015-08-13   Capt. Chris O'Neill  " Planning for the Fall Migration "
www.tailchasercharters.com   chris@bocagrandetarpon.com 941-270-7867

2015-07-09   Capt. Leroy Bennet  "  Summertime Tips and Tricks
www.captleroybennett.com   CaptainLeRoyBennett@yahoo.com   941- 979-2145

2015-06-11.   Fishing Frank  "Snook and Spring Fishing"
www.fishinfranks.com   frank@fishinfranks.com    941-625-3888

2015-05-14,   Capt. Mike Myers  "Spring Tarpon Fishing"
www.reelshark.com   941-416-8047

2015-04-09   No Speaker

2015-03-12,   Kim Massengale    " Fishing Medical Emergencies "

2015-02-12, Capt. John Curry  "Winter Light Tackle Fishing"

Capt. Tadd Vandemark     " Winter Fishing"
www.a-tadd-more.com   taddv@me.com     (239) 989-7602

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