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Newsletter, December 2015

December 10, 2015, Lemon Bay Park, 570 Bay Park Road, Englewood, FL 6:30 PM

Program: John Halversen, club member and environmental specialist.  Topic:  Where are the fish and will they still be here for your grandchildren.  He will also discuss recent news articles regarding "flesh eating bacteria" that is of concern to Floridians and visitors.

Fishing derby: The trout trumps all tournament did not produce many weighed in.  While many small trout were caught the results were: 1st place, Fred Cook, 1.4lb, 2nd place,, Cappy LaBarbara, 1.1lb, and 3rd place, Fred Cook, 2.2lb Spanish Mackerel.  Barbara Amatucci won the women's award with a 1.4lb Sheepshead.
There were 19 anglers and only seven fish weighed in.  A note here, one member caught a nice sized trout but thought it would not place.  In reality, it probably would have placed first or second.  Remember everyone, its fishing and you never know what will happen.  Bring the catch in to weigh.  It might be a winner.

The next fishing derby will be in January 2016.  The first one for the new year.  Be at the January meeting for the date and details.  We look forward to another fun year of fishing and fishing derbies.

Christmas party:  We expect a large group at the Christmas Party at the Beyond the Sea Restaurant on December 8, 2015.  We expect to have a very good time.  Please remember to bring a present for our support of the Toys For Tots program.

Toys For Tots:  Please support our efforts and those of the local US Marines in providing toys for youth,  These are to be new and unwrapped toys that the marines can hand out.  Many members brought toys to the last meeting and we thank you for doing that.  The other two chances to help are at the Christmas party and the December 10, 2015 regular meeting.

Englewood Farmers Market:  On Thursday December 3, 2015 we will have volunteers at the Englewood Farmers Market on Dearborn Street to hand out information about our club and to talk fishing to anyone who stops by.  You can also help by talking to your friends and people you meet about fishing in this area and mention the fishing club to them.  " Fishin is our mission".

WEB SITE:  Englewoodfishinngclub.net
You may post your fishing triumphs on the clubs web site.  Sometimes members and their family members catch fish they are proud of or have a real successful outing of fishing results.  If you would like your (members and family) added to the web site, please send them to: webmaster@englewoodfishingclub.net.  Include anglers name, fish species, date caught and body of water.
You can look at photos on the web site by going to: http://englewoodfishingclub.net/photos.html

You can also look at past and upcoming speakers on the web site by going to: http://englewoodfishingclub.net/meeting-speakers.html

Now that our winter visitors are returning remember our share a ride program.  Ask a board member at a meeting for the passwords. 

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