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  It's more than fishing ... it's a way of life.

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The Englewood Fishing Club was started in April, 2004 by a small group of recreational fishermen who just wanted to meet, talk and socialize with other fishermen and in the process become better fishermen, go fishing more and help conserve the marine environment for the future.  We are now an ongoing sport fishing and social organization with a membership of over 120 fishing enthusiasts.


APRIL 10 MEETING is at Lemon Bay Park
Speaker: Capt. Eddie Toomer
Subject:  Fishing - From Catching to Cooking

Meeting location 
570 Bay Park Blvd., Englewood
Go down Dearborn St. and turn Right on Old Englewood Rd.
Go to Stewart St. and turn left. Then go to Bay Park Blvd. and
 turn Right.

Great weather made for a great picnic.  You can check it out  by going to the "Activities/Events" page for some pictures.

2014 Don Pedro Fishing Results:
1st Place  Bill Bennet    3.0 lb  Bluefish
2nd Place  Dottie Kern    1.6 lb  Black Drum
3rd Place  Bill Crooks    1.4 lb  Sheepshead  

NEW "T" SHIRTS at the April 10 MEETING 

The new "T" shirts are now in.   A few members have NOT picked up their order.  They will be available at the April 10 meeting. 
Sizes S, M, L & XL $13.00.   Size XXL are $14.00.  Hats are $12.00.   If you ordered a shirt and can't make the April 10   meeting, call Jim Maloney 941-475-7354 and  you can arrange a pick up from him by appointment.  If you did not order a shirt, we do have a small supply of shirts that can be bought before each meeting. 

1st Place:   Gordon Roman   3.6 lbs.
2nd Place:  Bill Nolan   3.2 lbs.
3rd Place:  Larry Richards   3.0 lbs.

Saturday April 26 
Big Brothers Big Sisters Event
Full details at the April 10 meeting and on the websie under "Activities/Events" and click on "Big Brothers/Big Sisters ". Volunteers needed.
For  info call Bob Nordstrom  941-412-0017 

May 8 2014    Regular Meeting
Speaker: Kim Massengale, Best Chance CPR
Subject: Fishing Medical events

Saturday May 10 2014,   Hold the Date
Spring Fishing Tournament
Details to be advised at April & May Meetings.
For info call Tom Ammatucci  941-456-0060


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